Gateway Sound

A documentary

Gateway Sound is a documentary highlighting the issues of operating a high to mid-market recording studio in an age of changing technology, a changing music business, and the increasing prevalence of home studios. 

It shows how musicians are currently recording, and how they are using studios of all shapes and sizes. 

The film focuses on how the studios of that market have adapted to making business work in the 2010's. Gateway Sound also gives a glimpse into the history and workings of prominent commercial recording studios.

We Hit Our Kickstarter Goal!

Guess what? Gateway Sound hit its goal on Kickstarter! Thank you SOOO much to all of the backers, I can't thank you all enough! Now that we know there is no doubt that this film is happening, lets try and take it from a good film to an AMAZING film! There are 10 days left. LETS MAKE IT TO $5,000! I know we can do it!

I've got some other great news, but I'll save that for later....